Invitation to BGI EU seminars in Stockholm

Please listen to this interview with Dr Amy Burke about the value of Bio Geometric Integration (BGI).

Learn about the concept of subluxation from a new perspective and what enrichment the seminar will add to your practice.

Please come and join us at the Bio Geometric Integration –BGI EU 1 seminar in Posterior Geometry with Dr Amy Burke in either:

Stockholm, Sweden 22-24 September share on Facebook


Hamburg, Germany 20-22 October  


”When we touch a segment of the spine or a part of the body we have the opportunity to connect with every cell of that system AND with the essence of that person. Using BGI’s holographic awareness, fractal understanding and a vitalistic approach allows us to understand not only THAT but HOW introducing a force of any kind into a system has effects throughout the entire system, not just on the segment where the force is applied. Most types of care, whether allopathic or natural, are based on outdated models of biology and chemistry as well as a mechanistic model of anatomy. These approaches only see the visible and perceive the obvious.”
Amy Burke DC

Register via email direct: Amy Burke and WhatsApp +393338104732
Space is limited to this Hands-on seminar

Chiropractor Students €200,00
1st Yr. Chiropractor €350,00
Chiropractor €470,00

Brochure Link with links to payments on last page:

The BGI EU 1 seminar in Stockholm is being held at Welledge, Kornhamnstorg 6 in Old Town of Stockholm. Please contact Martin Fransson at if having questions about the venue or need advise on places to stay.

Please feel free to contact Dr Amy Burke at for interest in visiting her at Pantelleria. 

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