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Chiropractor in Old Town of Stockholm delivering Chiropractic

Neurology Based Chiropractic is what we deliver at Welledge in Old Town of Stockholm. Our practice is based on the idea that your brain and body is self-regulating, self-healing, and self-perpetuating (the tissues can replace themselves). Once this reorganization works uninterfered , your brain and body can begin to heal itself.

We are Doctors of Chiropractic with more then 20 years in practice. We are fully certified in Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). Utilizing Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT), BioGeometric Integration (BGI), Applied Kinesiology (AK) and other Tonal applications to our scope of practice.

Our philosophy

We as human beings are composed of programs responding to everything we perceive (see, hear, smell, taste), do, and feel. Some of these programs are innate, others develop as the need presents itself. Just like a computer, if one program has a bug it can affect the functioning of the entire system. This most likely occur as a result of physical, emotional, or chemical stress. 

We asses and assist in removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress. We evaluate all subsystems; the Active muscular system, the Passive system (bones and joints), the Emotional system, the Immun system, The Mental system, and the Control system (Brain & Nervous system). How they express accumulated Emotional/stress-related factors, and the effects of toxins on the body, as well as nutritional needs, and structural needs. 

Although we hold true that stress is a big component of health, it is of essence to understand that any health problem are a result of several factors and has to be looked in a whole system perspective, and it is necessary to address the wholeness of once health. We work with patterns in the brain and body, not just single body parts.

We view each and every symtom as a portal for transformation and if a symtom persist it is an indication that the system is doing its best and need some assistance in updating and reorganizing it self.

What happens at a visit?

We evaluate which programs are dysfunctional through a series of gentle tests designed to assess how the nervous system and body responds to various stimuli like touch, pressure, movement, heat/cold, dark/light, and more. We will then use non-invasive specific light reflex contacts through touch and movement at cranial, and spinal ”Gateways” to communicate, reactivate and reorganize the nervous system.

It’s important to be aware that we do not cure or heal those that seek our care, rather we assist the natural capacity of the body & brain to update and reorganize itself naturally.

Who do we assist?

Since the central nervous system impacts every component of our body, all health problems can be assisted by a better-functioning brain & nervous system. However, we have found that our approach is particularly effective for stress related problems, pelvic pain, spinal disorders such as back & neck pain, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, bruxism, headache, and migraine.


“If the human brain is an engine, then Martin & Welledge provide an excellent nervous system tune-up. Thanks to the Welledge program, I work faster, smarter, and more creatively, with less mental and physical stress. I can eliminate unproductive thought and behavior patterns more quickly, and replace them with more balanced and effective choices. I wish I had discovered Welledge years ago!”

“Martin has helped me getting a straight, strong and flexible stance, which has also developed my approach to everyday life. He has also given me the tools to continue developing my body and soul. I strongly recommend Martin to everyone who wants to find balance in life.

“Welledge does wonders. Martin is skilled and get good results. He saved me from crashing when I was overloaded from stress, he helped me coming back into my best self and has given me the tools to continue my work with keeping my balance.”

“Martin has a unique insight to the connection between the mental and physical systems that affect our wellbeing, and that are so interlinked. Martin has the ability to coach his clients in both areas in ways that build awareness and inspiration to make real interventions in your life.

Our taget at Welledge

Imagine a world where chiropractic is delivering its promise of releasing the interference to the expression of the infinite potential within each living being.

It is possible

Where you find us

We are situated in Central of Stockholm in the Old Town. It is 10 min from Central station and 2-3 minutes from the Tube station of the Old Town. Our office is located at the corner of Lilla Nygatan and Kornhamnstorg, and we have our own entrance and our practice overlook the waters at Slussen.

Please call us at +46(0) 8 706 96 88 or email at to make an appointment.

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Until then Be well 

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